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5 Important Questions To Ask Your Wedding Venue

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It’s an exciting process searching for the perfect wedding venue for your big day. But before you book your dream venue, there are a few questions you should ask before booking.

Is VAT included?

When budgeting for the venue, the cost of VAT can often be forgotten. It’s important to find this out before calculating expenses as leaving this out can blow your budget! It’s best to ask the Essex wedding venue what’s included in their packages to see if you can pay in instalments.

How many people can it seat?

Once you know your guest numbers, ask the venue how people can be seated for dinner. It’s important to find this out before sending out your invitations. Make a note of asking if tables and chairs are included – some venues may include an extra charge for this, or ask you to bring your own in some cases.

Is there an extra charge for using your own caterers?

Some venues may charge an extra fee if you want to use your own caterers, so be sure to look into this before making a commitment. Lots of wedding venues have excellent in-house caterers who have been specially chosen to complement the surroundings, so make sure to do your research first.

Will I be required to decorate?

If you’re looking for a cheaper venue, then chances are you will have to decorate it yourself. Hanging lights, choosing table decorations and chair covers are all extra money, time and effort.

Are there late license fees?

Wedding venues often have a set finish time that cannot be extended, but venues that do offer a later finish charge an extra fee. It’s worth considering whether you really want to extend the day. People often travel a long way so a midnight finish is usually a good time to finish.

With all your important questions answered, it’s time to get planning!

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