5 Reasons Why You Need A Photo Booth for Your Wedding

5 Reasons Why You Need A Photo Booth for Your Wedding

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So, the wedding is planned. You’ve confirmed the venue, bought the dress and hired a photographer. Everything is falling into place when it suddenly occurs to you – what about the entertainment and fun aspect? What about the more informal shots with silly props and accessories to use?

That’s why photobooths and magic mirror hire london are genius ideas for weddings – they’re fun to use and guests who use the photobooth get to take home passport-style photos of the evening.


Brings people together

The most difficult parts of wedding planning are the dreaded table plans. Nothing brings people together quite like a queue for a photobooth – and it’s the perfect excuse to get your guests mingling and chatting. Before you know it, your guests will be sharing photos together in the photobooth, messing around with props and accessories with your other friends and family!

Suitable for all ages

You don’t have to be young to enjoy a photo! The magic mirror provides hours of entertainment for guests young and old, encouraging everyone to have photos with friends and family, with the ability to print a memory that can be kept for a lifetime.

Guest book

This may be the biggest reason of all to book a photo booth for your big day! The magic mirror photo booth prints two copies of a photo, so a guest can keep one and the other can be stuck into a guest book for family and friends to sign. It’s a new twist on the traditional guest book and one that you will want to look at time and time again.


Photo booths are a classic homage to yesteryear, a throwback to a bygone era. Before the days of iPads, phones and digital cameras, there was a traditional polaroid. People to this day still have their photos printed in a polaroid-style frame, and they can be put on walls, in albums or even on the fridge. Guests using a photo booth can take the picture away with instantly, and there’s just no beating that!

The photographer can’t snap everyone

A magic mirror photo booth compliments the photographer and videographer and captures precious moments that a photographer may miss. Photos are usually uploaded by the photo booth company within a matter of days, and guests get a printed-out version of the photo to keep. Your wedding photographer will be capturing precious moments happening in your wedding, such as the first dance and speech. A photo booth cannot replace the job of a wedding photographer, but it can provide candid, un-planned and silly photos of your big day.

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