5 Ways to Slow Down as The Christmas Rush Begins

5 Ways to Slow Down as The Christmas Rush Begins

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If your life is busy like that of most modern people, then it’s time to put a plan into place on how you will slow down as the Christmas rush begins. Luckily, it’s not hard to reduce your busy, stressful life down into a simple, more manageable one, that will allow you to enjoy the holiday season.

Follow our 5 simple ways to slow down as the Christmas rush begins.


Schedule in some quiet time

If you’re a busy person, the only way for you to slow down is to schedule in some quiet time. Carving out a 30-minute or hour-long chunk of time in your day can help you to use the time to read or engage in a quiet activity.

Take the time to enjoy doing something you appreciate in life, whether it be watching episodes of your favourite TV show or cooking a special meal you love eating.

Have a pamper break

If you have the time, why not schedule yourself some time off and book a stay at a country retreat Hertfordshire? Enjoy an overnight stay at a luxury hotel with dinner, and book yourself in for some time in the Spa the next day. Relish in relaxing beauty treatments, such as head and body massages, and leave the retreat feeling pampered and relaxed!

Turn off the tech

There are a lot of pros to living in a modern, technologically advanced world, but there can also be some cons. A major con being that your tech allows us to constantly be communicating and working. Learn to turn off your computer or smartphone for a little while, and see how much calmer and relaxed your life will instantly become!

Spend some face-to-face time with others

The main way we communicate with friends and family now is through phones and social media, and this needs to change: especially around Christmas time! Schedule in some time to meet up for a coffee or have a relaxing evening meal catching up with each other. There’s just something different (and better!) about talking with people face-to-face.

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