Area Guide to Living in Leyton

Area Guide to Living in Leyton

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House prices are generally cheaper the further away you get from central London, but this rule isn’t always applicable. The east London suburb of Leyton can offer more affordable property – by at least 10 per cent – than its more fashionable neighbour Walthamstow.

Estate agents Leyton are seeing a spike in the amount of people moving into Leyton, and they believe the reasons are because of property, travel and the areas highlights.


Housing in Leyton

Leyton, the E10 neighbourhood, is one of the most sought-after affordable housing spots in the capital. The popularity of nearby Stratford has undoubtedly boosted the good fortunes of this area, as the overspill has migrated northwards in search of a spot on the property ladder.

After Stratford, Leyton has become London’s biggest winner from the Olympics. In the run up to the games, money was spent smartening up the high street just as the London housing market burst back into life. Since then, the investment has spread into all areas and prices in Leyton have grown further and faster than any other corner of the capital.

Traditionally, Leyton has been seen as a typical working-class area, but as young professionals and first-time buyers from more established areas such as Islington and Shoreditch, Leyton has seen dramatic changes in its demographic.

Travel from Leyton

Young professionals and families are moving into the area not just attracted by the prices but by transport too.

Leyton and Leytonstone tube stations are nearby, with a commute into the city on the central line expected to take just under 15 minutes. There is also Leytonstone high Road Rail Station, a London Overground line, just a short route change from Hackney.

Area highlights

The trendy pub chain Antic has two pubs in Leyton and Leytonstone. You can expect sizeable beer garden, a good vegetarian menu and a whole array of drinks to try and even board games to play. There are a number of chain stores, bakeries and bars on the high street to enjoy, alongside popular restaurants including a Portuguese restaurant called Oceano and a tapas bar called Café Lolita Tapas.

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