Beginners Guide to Boxing Gloves

Beginners Guide to Boxing Gloves

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So, you’ve decided to take up boxing? The sport is fairly inexpensive to get started, and the kit doesn’t cost too much. However, you’re not going to get very far without a decent pair of boxing gloves!

You may or may not be aware that different gloves are used for the various training activities including bag work, sparring and fighting. With each brand, there is an enormous difference in quality, fit and functionality.

Buying your first pair of boxing gloves can quickly become confusing and overwhelming, which is why we have put a small guide together to help you come to a stress-free decision.

The best boxing gloves for beginners

Not all boxing gloves are the same, each type has different properties to suit what they’re going to be used for. Boxing gloves for example are designed to pound the heavy bag and absorb shocks, making them too solid for sparring. Sparring gloves however are constructed from soft foam to minimise injuries when sparing, but their soft padding would wear out quickly if used on a heavy bag.

As a beginner, you only really need a pair that will protect your hands and allow you to get stuck in. A pair of twins boxing gloves will do just that, providing protection and comfort when doing a mixture of mitt drills, bag work and sparring.

All-purpose training gloves

Training gloves are designed to be multi-functional and to suit a range of activities; It’s actually quite difficult to get a pair of gloves that can suit a range of tasks. Most all-purpose gloves are either too soft or too solid, so it’s important to narrow down what activities you will be doing so you know which type of boxing glove to go for.

Bag gloves

Modern bag gloves are made from technologically advanced materials with excellent shock absorbing properties. Bag gloves offer superb wrist support and dual strapping systems that keep the wrist firm and prevent sprains. Bag gloves are designed to go round after round on the heavy bag without wearing out quickly.

Laces or straps?

You can buy boxing gloves with a lace or Velcro strap, but laces can be harder to do up yourself when you’re wearing the gloves. Velcro straps offer just as tight a fit as lace-up, and can save you the hassle of tying laces when you need to get on and practice.

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