Best Ways To Secure Your Static Caravan

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How To Avoid A Break-In

Don’t let your staycation be ruined by a break-in. Take the time to secure your static home so you can enjoy it season after season.

Your static caravan might be smaller than your regular home, but it still has plenty to offer opportunist thieves looking for a quick crime. If you only use your static home for your own personal holidays, rather than letting it to tenants throughout the season, then it may be left unoccupied for the vast majority of the year. Make sure you find your caravan in the same condition you left it in, by following these top security tips.

Close Windows and Doors

The most obvious security measures are unfortunately those that are frequently overlooked. Closing and locking each of your windows and doors every time you go out, or leave your static home, is the number one way to prevent burglars from breaking in. Criminals often test your caravan’s access points to see if anyone has slipped up and forgotten to secure their home. Older static homes are more likely to be single-glazed, which are also easy to quietly break into. If you’re able to invest in double or triple glazing, then this would be a great way to add an extra layer of protection. This step would also add value to your home if you were looking for selling static caravan tips before a sale.

Strengthen Your Locks

Typical static homes aren’t built with the strongest of locks by default. They can be a bit flimsy and are easy for thieves to get past. You can advance the security of your caravan by adding an extra padlock or hinge which would slow thieves down considerably in their attempt to get into your home. Remember though that padlocks should never be fit internally as these are a significant fire hazard.

Security Alarms

When you’re away from your caravan, you can dissuade thieves from targeting your home by using an alarm system. When burglars know that you have a security unit in place, they are unlikely to want to risk setting it off, knowing that it would draw immediate attention to your caravan. Particularly in a close-knit caravan park, staff and neighbours will be on hand in just a few minutes to investigate why the alarm might be sounding.

Motion Sensor Lights

Another effective way to secure your caravan is to use motion sensor lights around your pitch. Although not noisy like a security alarm, this type of system will illuminate the space around your static home if anything triggers the sensor. Burglars who are trying to break into your caravan, prefer to operate undercover, which is impossible if floodlights suddenly light up their criminal activities.

Hide Valuables

If you’re away from your caravan during the day, remember not to leave your valuables on display. Charged devices hanging out of plug sockets or iPads left on the kitchen table are such an easy grab for thieves looking to make a quick few quid. Take any valuables with you, including cash, or hide them well out of sight.

Securing your caravan properly doesn’t take much effort and many of these security solutions can be picked up from homeware stores at a low cost. Take the time to do this now so you can continue enjoying your caravan without fear that you’ve been targeted by criminals.

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