Bi Folding Doors Open the Way to The Perfect Outdoor Dining Experience

Bi Folding Doors Open the Way to The Perfect Outdoor Dining Experience

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As soon as the clock strikes ‘spring’, the possibility of outdoor dining starts to become a reality. For many people, this opens up the ‘extra room’ that a garden or patio can provide and brings a whole new level of outdoor entertaining.


Just step outside

Creating an outdoor eating area is the perfect way to add another dimension to your home. The trick is to ensure the space is easily accessible and convenient for everyday use. Positioning your outdoor eating area close to the kitchen makes it easier to transfer food outside.

Homeowners often go a step further and install bi fold doors, which lead out on to the designated dining area. Not only does this offer practical benefits when it comes to serving food, accessing chilled drinks and changing the music, it also allows diners to nip in and out of the house when needed.

Breathe in the fresh air

Fresh air is the biggest lure for Brits to dine outside; we are used to working in environments wit air conditioning and heating, so breathing in un-circulated clean air provides a welcome change when it comes to relaxing. Fresh air has many physical and psychological benefits; it can make you happier, feel more relaxed and provide you with more energy.

Soak up the atmosphere

Dining outside and spending more time outdoors is an enjoyable atmosphere to be in. Popular cookery and lifestyle TV shows regularly showcase great ideas for BBQs, picnics and outdoor gatherings, offering mouth-watering alternatives to burnt sausages and soggy sandwiches that we often associate with such events!

Decorate your outdoor dining area with well-positioned candles, bunting and outdoor lanterns to create the perfect ambience. Colour-coordinated table linen, blankets and cushions add a further element of comfort and style, encouraging you to spend more time outside in the fresh air.

Drink in the view

Being surrounded by greenery and plants – be it in pots and planters, or the fields of the countryside – adds an exciting dimension to any meal eaten outside. Decorate the garden with beautiful plants and flowers, which can be seen and enjoyed from both indoors and outdoors when the bi-folding doors are open.

A garden for all seasons

In recent years, much more attention has been paid to outdoor furnishings. Thankfully, white moulded plastic picnic tables are a thing of the past. Instead, garden centres and homeware stores offer an array of attractive and affordable outdoor furnishings, including outdoor sofas and dining sets, designed to enhance the growing trend for outdoor living.

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