Bouncy Castle Hire in Essex

Bouncy Castle Hire in Essex

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When you think of a bouncy castle, an imposing, brightly coloured inflatable often springs to mind, full of young kids screaming and bouncing up and down. The truth is that the ‘bouncy castle’ term can cover a variety of inflatables, offering fun activities for children and adults including assault courses, bowling alleys and sumo wrestling.

Hiring bouncy castles essex is great fun for all, whether you’re male, female, adolescent or adult. Bouncy castle specialists can provide a suitable inflatable for your event, whether it’s a private children’s party, a public event or for an adult summer party.

Fun for children and adults

Bouncy castles provide enjoyment for all age groups, especially young girls and boys when celebrating a birthday or attending an event. Professional bouncy castle hire companies can provide information on the range of inflatables available, all with different themes and purposes, including mega slides, girls’ castles and boys’ castles.
There’s no reason for adults to be left out when it comes to bouncy castle fun; there are plenty of inflatable activities for adults to enjoy, such as sumo wrestling in inflatable sumo suits for more energy to burn, or inflatable assault courses, bowling alleys and bungees run to have fun on.


If you’re considering hiring a bouncy castle, you need to consider the following:


You need to determine whether the bouncy castle will be used indoors or outdoors, because this will have a bearing on which inflatable you can hire. You also need to consider what surface it will be on, such as tarmac or grass, as certain castles are suitable for particular surfaces.

Poor conditions

Bouncy castles will not be set up during windy or rainy conditions, but the bouncy castle hire company should advise accordingly.


Bouncy castles need a certain amount of space to set up, so be sure to check the dimensions of the inflatable before hiring it.


Inflatables require a power source. Hire companies can provide alternative power in the form of a generator at an extra cost, if there isn’t a suitable power source in the vicinity of the bouncy castle.

Have some fun

Bouncy castles and inflatables are great fun for children and adults alike. Using an experienced company to hire yours from ensures you will receive the right one for your requirements and will meet the highest standards of safety.

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