Car Detailing Keeps Your New Car Looking Perfect

Car Detailing Keeps Your New Car Looking Perfect

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Protect Your New Wheels with Some Expert Fettling

A new car is one of the most expensive things you will ever buy. Professional detailing keeps it looking its best, and helps it retain its value.

As Roland LeBay reminded us in the Stephen King novel Christine, there’s nothing quite like that new car smell. When you invest in a brand-new set of wheels, the new car smell will, inevitably, fade. However, the same doesn’t have to be the case for the paintwork and the interior.

By making your first journey in your new car a visit to a professional car detailer, you won’t just keep the car looking like new, you’ll be protecting several thousand pounds worth of investment.

Why bother?

It’s a brand-new car, just rolled off the production line, and has not suffered from any wear and tear, so surely there’s nothing for a detailer to do, right? Unfortunately, that’s far from the case.

When a new car leaves the factory, it will be transported from one facility to another, and held in storage until it is ready to be formally registered and delivered to its new owner. It might have stood outside, and you can be sure that various people from distribution centres have handled it.

Prior to delivery, it will be “prepped” – this typically means someone going over it with a high-speed polishing machine to get the paintwork shining. It will look great at first glance, but this process often leaves swirl marks and can damage the protective clear coat, meaning the paint is directly exposed to the elements.

What do professional detailers do?

The above might sound scary, but the truth is, the real condition of a new car varies dramatically depending on how long it has been in storage and the professionalism of the dealership – as with everything in life, some are better than others. A detailer will be able to professionally assess the finish of your new car, correct any defects and then make it better than new.

They do this by applying a proprietary ceramic coating to the paintwork. This essentially offers an additional layer, protecting the clear coat itself, and meaning your car will withstand the rain, salt and UV rays that it will be exposed to in day-to-day use, and still look like new.

Can’t the dealership offer the same?

Most dealerships will offer some sort of additional coating when you order the car. The danger here is that there are different treatments available, and some are better than others. If you are considering going down this road, read the small print very carefully. In most cases, what they are offering will only be effective for a couple of months or so. Unless you want to keep going back and spending more money on reapplications, it is better to go to a professional.

Don’t forget the interior

Detailing is not just about protecting the bodywork. You’ll be seeing more of your car from the inside than the outside, so make it a place you will be happy to spend time. Get the leather or fabric protected, and it the car won’t just look like new for longer, it will feel that way, too.

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