Do Team Building Events Fill You with Dread

Do Team Building Events Fill You with Dread?

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Are you taking part in team building events london soon but feel anxious about taking part? Here are some simple tips to follow to help you overcome the stress.


Be open

If you feel uncomfortable with attending a team building event, talk to your line manager or Human Resources to express how you feel. But it’s worth knowing that high-stress situations and personal challenges are usually a time for growth experiences to occur. Team building events aren’t designed to embarrass or humiliate anyone, so let that ease your mind a little!

Stay open-minded and communicate with your manager and HR and do some research about the event ahead of time. It’s not unreasonable to ask the head of HR what developmental opportunities they can see out of a particular team building event, so be open about the level of anxiety of worry you may have.

Team building benefits

One of the great benefits of teambuilding is identifying the different skills people in the team have, and how they collaboratively work together to create a working environment in the office. After all, you can’t have a team with people who are all good at the same things. Team building events are an opportunity to explore your strengths and connect with people whose strengths differ from yours.

Forward planning

When it comes to the day of the team building event, consider arriving early to the event, or calling ahead to talk to the instructor about what the day will entail to help keep yourself calm. Let them know that you’re anxious about being put in an uncomfortable position and that you would appreciate their help in making sure that didn’t occur.

If it’s a professional and reputable events company, they should respect and honour that request. Have a read of online reviews and see what people have to say about the experience. People who work at team building event companies are used to working with a range of personality types and they’re very skilled at handling people to ensure everyone has a positive experience.


Whatever you do to calm your fears, trying to get out of the event or being angry about participating is the worst thing you can do – stay open-minded about the experience. People are often put in uncomfortable situations, whether at work, home or socially, but it’s important to make the best of it as that’s all you can do!

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