Four Things to Do with Your Old Camera

Four Things to Do with Your Old Camera

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Here are four interesting things to do with your old camera!


Sell your old camera

If you need some cash to buy more camera equipment, you can sell old cameras and equipment for some quick cash. You could send it to a leading UK dealer that specialises in photographic equipment, paying the highest prices for pre-owned camera and equipment and providing collection and delivery free of charge. Other popular ways to sell old cameras and equipment include auction websites or listing ads in local newspapers and websites.

Donate your old camera

An often overlook option is donating your old camera and equipment to a good cause, such as a local school or charity. Check your local high school to see if they teach photography as part of their curriculum or perhaps donate your gear to an after-school photography club.

Have a look around your local area and see if there are any photography-related charities that accept used cameras and equipment.

Regardless of the value of your camera equipment, you cannot put a price on the act of giving your photography equipment to a worthy cause. You never know, your camera could end up in the hands of the world’s next great photographic artist!


Having something newer, faster, or shinier might be just what you need in order to use your older camera and lenses for something fun. You could experiment with infrared photography or make a homemade lens mount to affix random old lenses to your camera. You could even convert your old film camera into a pinhole camera to capture abstract shots.

It could be a great excuse to try something outside of the box!

Back up

An older, slightly slower digital camera could be used as a trusty backup for your new digital camera, if you aren’t quite prepared to let go just yet. Electronics and mechanicals are not infallible, and your trusty new camera might not be so trusty one day. Having a backup camera within reach might save the day, whether for work or when you’re off on holiday.


What will you do with your old camera and equipment?

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