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Gypsy Style Guide for 2017

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Romany gypsy clothes for children is a trend that has been going for centuries, more recently sparked by Vivienne Westwood and Kate Moss to bring it back into wear. But, we are now starting to see more adults donning gypsy style of dress when out on the tiles. Romany gypsy style is becoming a popular trend, not just for a traveller community.

In 2009, Vivienne Westwood launched a Roma inspired collection in Milan, designed with the purpose of promoting a better understanding of Romani culture and to help raise awareness about oppression practices against Romani ethics.

Other high street owners still buck the trend, including John Galliano, Roberto Cavalli and Anna Sui, creating alternative boho-chic pieces to be worn for any occasion.

In 2013, Kate Moss took part in a “gypsy” inspired photo shoot, wearing clothes by Kenzo, John Galliano and Chloe Sevign, as well as some vintage pieces. The shoot took place in a Romani community in Cornwall, where Kate posed in different situations that depict different circumstances associated with a Romani or Gypsy traveller community.

Romany has inspired the boho-chic, boho-rock and boho-luxe trend, which all play on the mainstream perceptions of cultures such as native-Americans and Roma.

Gypsy style has found its way into 2017, by inspiring the sport menswear Spring collection, with an infusion of colour and draped and layered clothes to wear, suitable for all occasions.

You can incorporate some gypsy style into your day to day wardrobe too, be it through floaty sleeved blouses, layered midi skirts or a floor-length layered skirt.

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