Hit The Clubs With This Winter With These Stylish Winter Furs

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Chelsea Hhealy in fur gilet
Chelsea Healy in fur gilet

As winter approaches, we are looking for more ways to keep warm and cosy but look stylish and fashionable whilst doing so.

The weather is forever changing, from cold crisp mornings to damp drizzly afternoons, but we still want to look and feel elegant and smart. It’s difficult to achieve this when winter is associated with wrapping up warm in layers of clothing and accessories.

These winter layers hide our stylish clothes underneath and often make us feel shapeless and unnoticeable in a crowd.

A navy fur gilet is the perfect cover-up to keep you warm and looking smart, especially when it’s paired with an evening style outfit.

A gilet can be paired with anything, be it jeans, heels and a blouse, a sleek black midi dress with heels or a casual throw on for day-to-day wear. It’s the perfect protection from the cold, whilst keeping you looking trendy and stylish.

Gilets are not sufficient to keep the body warm in the winter however, it needs to be combined with other warm clothes to build up layers of warmth.

But this doesn’t have to mean you feel frumpy and uncomfortable in an abundance of layers.

Try pairing a gilet with a wide leg jumpsuit and sky scraper heels for a stylish and sleek evening outfit.

Due to their rising popularity, gilets are now available in a variety of styles and materials, including fluffy ones, fur lined ones and quilted ones, so there’s a gilet for everyone!

Not forgetting they’re super practical, too. Many of them have deep pockets, so there’s space to hide all of your essentials for a night out!

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