How Secure Are Online Transcription Services?

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Reputable Transcribers Guarantee Data Protection

From encryption to NDAs, make sure your choice of transcription company provides the latest security methods to keep your confidential data safe.

If you have audio content that you need to turn into written text, then transcription services are available for your organisation. This is useful if you want to transcribe the content of an industry conference speech or perhaps wish to produce an interview transcription for journalistic purposes. You might even have plenty of instructional videos that you’d like to make available in text format on your company website. Whatever your reason for wanting to transcribe content from audio to text, it’s important that you choose a quality transcription provider to carry out the work. So long as you work with a firm who uses the most current security standards, you can be assured that your confidential data is in good hands.

Data Protection

General Data Protection Regulations, or GDPR sets strict standards when it comes to the governance of personal data. If your company holds data or confidential information within your audio files, then it’s essential that you adhere to the stringent guidelines of GDPR. A data breach could lead to you receiving a penalty, with the maximum fine being set at EUR20 million or 4% of your annual global turnover – whichever is the greater. To avoid a data breach, you’ll need to look for the following security standards in your transcription provider of choice.

Encryption and Firewalls

Unless you’re physically located in the same place as your transcription professionals, you’ll usually need to rely on sending audio content over the internet. Unfortunately, this can be murky ground due to the large volume of cyberattacks that take place which could cause you to receive a GDPR fine as well as experiencing a loss of reputation. When you’re selecting a transcription company to work with, ensure that they offer a secure online portal for you to upload your audio content to. The transmission of your files should be encrypted from end to end, to ensure that hackers are not able to intercept your data at any point.

What Happens To Your Files After The Project Has Finished?

When you’re shortlisting transcription firms to use, a key point to raise is to ask what happens to your audio files after the project is complete. If you’ve uploaded sensitive audio content to a portal, then you need the reassurance that your information will automatically be deleted so there’s no trace of data left on their systems.

NDAs for Human Transcribers

Transcription software is available which uses machine intelligence to transcribe audio into written content. Although such software has improved in recent years, it will never be able to match the quality of using human transcribers to create meaningful text for you. A quality transcription company will always be happy to sign non-disclosure agreements before taking on a project if this is a policy that your company needs to commit to. Transcribers are also typically required to sign their own internal confidentiality agreements to when joining a transcription agency.

So long as you invest in a professional and reputable transcription service, you can be assured that the content of your audio files will never make it into the wrong hands. Do your research, ask all the right questions and then look forward to receiving your fresh, transcribed text to work with.

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