How to Get Your Skin Ready for The Party Season!

How to Get Your Skin Ready for The Party Season!

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It’s here: the official countdown has begun, and those party invites will soon be dropping through your letter box (or pinging into your inbox!). So, are you and your skin ready? Read on to find out tips for getting your complexion in a beautiful condition, ready for the fun times ahead!


Antioxidant boosting

It’s important to feed your skin lots of antioxidants during the winter months, especially in cranberries, blueberries, blackberries, kidney beans and dark chocolate. Get adventurous with some smoothie combinations to cram in all the good antioxidants, like green smoothies and purple smoothies. The green ones are packed with cucumber, spinach and creamy avocado. The purple ones usually contain beetroot, blueberries, raspberries, blackcurrants and blackberries.

Facial treatment

There are many reasons as to why people have a monthly facial; some have them to get rid of blackheads, others want to preserve a youthful look and older people might want some help with anti-aging regimes. A facials essex treatment helps to cleanse, exfoliate and nourish the skin, promoting a well-hydrated complexion and can help your face look softer and more youthful. If you have some spare time during the festive season to get party-ready, then it’s definitely worth treating yourself to a relaxing, benefiting facial at your local salon!

Hydration and skin radiance

Pure elixir tablets are designed to help improve cellular hydration, skin moisture and radiance; a capsule a day can provide your skin with antioxidants that prevent damage and water retaining hyaluronic acid, to boost hydration and give you soft, smooth skin. These skin-loving ingredients work from within to improve your skin’s quality, for tighter firmer skin with reduced lines and wrinkles.

Hydrating skincare

A hydrating serum will help to improve the skin’s hydration levels by smoothing out any wrinkles to make them appear less visible. Serums are also antioxidant rich, which is essential for skin protection and repair.

Skin radiance

To improve your skins radiance, apply a small amount of oil to your skin and blend your foundation or bb cream base in with this. This will give your skin a stunning, radiant glow – especially under soft lighting at parties. Blending a tiny bit of oil with your foundation will help the skin to feel more hydrated and moisturised all night long – it also helps to blur out any fine lines!

Pamper and peel

Pre-party pampering should include the use of a skin peel on the day of the party or the morning before an evening event, allowing the skin to feel unbelievably smooth so that makeup can glide on easily. A face peel will dissolve any dead surface skin cells to help brighten the complexion of the skin.

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