How to Organise the Perfect School Prom

How to Organise the Perfect School Prom

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The keys to organising a successful prom are careful planning and delegating. There is a lot of work to do in order to make the event a success, but with the right team and preparation, you can make all of your prom dreams come true!



The first thing to do is gather a team of volunteers to make sure you have enough people on your committee to help organise the event. It’s a good idea to plan the prom around 6 months in advance – this gives you more than enough time to sort everything out, even if you are pushed for time.


Once the volunteers are in place, it’s time to start thinking about the venue. The most obvious choice would be the school’s main hall or sports hall, as they’re ideal because of cost purposes and all students should be able to get there easily.

However, some schools are opting for venues slightly further afield, such as hotels and places with large venue rooms to hire. Hotels often offer prom packages that include entertainment, food and drink, so it’s a good idea to research into a variety of venues around the local area to get a fantastic deal.

If you are choosing to hold the prom on the school premises however, you will need to check any insurance and licenses required – you can contact your local authority for advice regarding this issue.


Once the venue has been chosen, it’s time to arrange the best bit – the entertainment! There’s a wide range of entertainment to choose from, you could hire a DJ, a live band, photographers or if it’s a leaving prom for primary school, a childrens entertainers Kent to keep the children entertained for hours!

The entertainment is the best part, so think how best to plan the evening. Photobooths are also a popular choice of entertainment, and it’s something for people to take home after the evening comes to an end. Why not look into a Starlit dancefloor hire london service, guaranteed to get everyone up and dancing!

Food and drink

Proms tend to work two ways, there will either be a 3-course formal dinner, or a buffet style table for people to pick and eat at when they fancy. The latter is often a better choice for younger children at proms, and it gives them more time to get on that dancefloor and have fun with their friends!

At secondary school leaver proms, food may not be as popular an option, so therefor you won’t need to spend too much money on catering. If it’s a sixth form leaver prom where students are old enough to drink, and you plan to see/have alcohol on the premises, you will need to check out what licences are required first.


Advertising the prom is the most important part. For in-house advertising, pin up posters around the school and hand out leaflets. If the event is being arranged in order to raise funds for a specific cause, then don’t forget to advertise this on your posters and flyers.

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