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How To Throw The Perfect Party

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Entertaining at home can be daunting. But we’ve got some top tips to help ensure that your party is one to remember.

If you love entertaining, there’s nothing better than throwing a party or get together in your own home. However, there is a lot to think about and even the most practiced of hostesses can get the pre-party jitters. But follow our advice and you can make sure you throw a party that is problem free and, most importantly, lots of fun.

Fail To Prepare – Prepare To Fail

When it comes to throwing the perfect get-together, organisation is key, so make sure you plan ahead. Think about your budget and the reason you are throwing a party – do you have something to celebrate? Is it a special time of year, or do you simply just want to catch up with old friends? Answering these questions will help you to determine the type of party you should throw, as well as potential dates and the size of the guest list.

You also need to think about what equipment you will need for your party. For example, if you are catering for lots of people, you may want to consider hiring in crockery and cutlery to save you from a mountain of washing up in the morning!

Get The Guest List Right

People make a party so it’s important to get the guest list right. Your budget, the type of party and the size of your home will all help to determine how many people you can invite – and don’t be tempted to exceed your maximum numbers! For a fun night with lots of interesting conversation, invite a varied mix of people who you think will get along well with one another.

A Gourmet Experience

Good food is a key component of a successful party – but this doesn’t mean you have to spend all night in the kitchen. A sit-down three course meal is great for a special occasion, but it can feel a bit stuffy and you will need access to lots of ‘extras’ such as table linens, full dinner sets and serving dishes. You will also inevitably spend lots of time away from your guests as you anxiously check on the next course. To enjoy the party yourself, consider getting in some professional caterers to prepare and serve the food for you.

A buffet offers a more relaxed, versatile option and encourages people to move around and mingle. But we’re not talking sausage rolls and limp sandwiches here. You can really treat your guests with a grown-up buffet that includes charcuterie meat platters, a selection of cheeses, a variety of antipasti and freshly baked bread. For a real touch of luxury, serve up the best fresh foie gras to give your guests an indulgent treat – it’s served in top class restaurants such as The Ivy and La Petite Maison so it will certainly add some glamour to proceedings.

Entertain The Troops

Entertainment is an important element of any party – but it doesn’t have to be extravagant. Hook your iPhone up to some speakers and create a playlist of songs that will help to set the mood – whether you want chilled out background music, or something more upbeat to get the party started. You could even get your guests involved – vinyl is back in fashion, so why not set up a record player and get each guest to bring their favourite vinyl record. For larger gatherings you might want to think about hiring a DJ or a local band to really make the night go with a bang.

Have Fun

As a host, you may think that your job is to run around after your guests all night. But your guests want to spend time with you. So don’t spend all night in the kitchen preparing food and cleaning up. Instead, keep things simple, enlist help where you need it, leave the cleaning until the morning and, most importantly, relax, have fun and make sure you enjoy your perfect party.

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