Rihanna Goes Blonde

Rihanna Goes Blonde

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Star Unveils Her Latest Look on Instagram

Ever wanted to go blonde but don’t want to damage your hair with a bottle of chemicals? Why not try Rihanna’s latest method of getting beautiful blonde locks?

Rihanna has one of those faces that looks amazing with any new hair style. Whilst there’s loads of style guidance on finding the right cut for your own face shape, the truth is that confidence is all you really need to rock a new look. And confidence is something that Rihanna has in abundance.

Boasting A New Do

On July 16th, Rihanna posted an Instagram selfie sporting an uber-long platinum blonde wig. The reason we know it’s a wig? Well, not only did she tell us, she showed us too. In the snap, RiRi lets the interior of her wig stay visible, sitting halfway down her forehead when normally it would be completely hidden. She then captioned “What frontal?”, proving to her fans how happy she is to experiment with wigs whenever she’s ready to reveal a stylish new look.

Blonde Requires Maintenance

This isn’t the first time that Rihanna has opted for a fun, blonde look. But it’s been a while. Her stylist Ursula Stephen told ‘Allure’ that “blonde is one of her favourites”. But she further explained that one of the difficulties of staying this colour, is the need to keep up with thorough conditioning treatments when you bleach your hair. The reason for this is because the hair becomes porous from the chemicals and can easily break off.

Perhaps this is the reason that Rihanna is experimenting with natural hair wigs for her latest blonde look. They’re a really easy way to have beautiful locks without the need for any intensive upkeep. Judging by the amount of times that Rihanna sports a new ‘do, it’s also likely that she’s been frequently relying on wigs to go from one natural-looking style to the next.

A New Shade

Rihanna may be no stranger to the ‘blonde girls have more fun’ mantra, but this recent shade is quite different to her previous styles. It’s been six years since the star was completely blonde, as she’s most recently stuck with her darker brown locks. However, she has also thrown in some blonde highlights every so often, always showing her on trend dirty roots. So, the platinum wig is the first time that the blonde coverage has extended all the way to the roots.

What This Means to Her Devoted Fans

Rihanna is a style icon for millions of her fans and this latest social snap has caused quite a buzz. Not only is she incredibly relatable and happy to reveal that she wears wigs to create her current image, she’s also provided inspiration for her followers to experiment with a new blonde look of their own. It will be interesting to see how this new look develops – as it’s been created with a wig rather than a bottle of dye, how often will she be sporting the blonde do? Or will she trial out a number of different pieces instead to have fun with? Keep an eye on Rihanna’s social accounts or your favourite celeb-spotting channels to hear the latest news.

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