Advanced Electrolysis

The Advanced Electrolysis Experience

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Advanced Electrolysis, otherwise known as Advanced Cosmetic Procedures, is a comfortable and effective treatment. The process can treat a variety of skin blemishes, skin tags and age spots, to facial thread veins, moles and warts, and other vascular conditions.


Before the advanced electrolysis process

Before you have your advanced electrolysis Essex treatment, a ‘patch test’ may be required, especially if the treatment is going to cover a large area. The patch test will be in an area which isn’t too noticeable, in the rare case of adverse reactions. This patch test will also allow you to experience how the treatment will feel and allow your therapist to assess your skin’s response.

During the advanced electrolysis process

During the treatment, an anaesthetic cream will be applied to the area to be treated, ensuring the treatment will be as comfortable as possible for you. Your therapist will then press a needle lightly against or within the skin abnormality to cauterise and/or cosmetically reduce the vascular or abnormal growth.

After the advanced electrolysis process

After the advanced electrolysis treatment, depending on the skin condition being treated and the size of it, you can expect some post treatment discomfort and scabbing in the treated area as it heals. This is a temporary side effect and will clear up over a period of time. The results are visible immediately, with further improvements seen over a period of time, or following a series of sessions if required.

If the treatment has taken place on your face however, you may wish to plan the treatment around your social events if you do not wish to attend them before post-treatment healing has completed.

The temporary side effects can vary depending on what treatment you have had and where. You may need to book two or more treatments in order to attain your desired look, but this can be discussed with the therapist during your consultation.

The possible side effects

After having the advanced electrolysis treatment, some people find the treated area can often scab and appear red. These side effects from electrolysis will be short and will fade over time. Some conditions can be quite resilient, and more than one treatment to the area may be necessary. Your therapist will be able to advise you on the day of any recommended follow up treatments.

It’s very important that you follow the advice of your therapist carefully after the procedure to reduce the risk of any complications. The post-treatment advice may include applying antiseptic cream, cleaning the area and not exposing it to the sun. Ask your therapist the best after care courses to carry out in order to receive the best possible results.

Will the treatment be suitable for me?

Advanced electrolysis is suitable for the majority of skin types. If you are in generally good health, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to have the treatment. If you are still unsure, plan a visit to your local salon and find out if the treatment will be the most suitable treatment for your skin.

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