Wedding Photography Trends For 2018

Wedding Photography Trends For 2018

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Wedding photography trends are a must for wedding photographer in Hertfordshire in order to stay relevant in such a competitive digital photography market. Photography has changed drastically over the years, with no sign of slowing down any time soon!

Let us introduce you to some of the wedding photography trends for 2018 that will satisfy your future clients, and prepare you to be at the forefront of the trend.



Drones are becoming a trendy way to capture spectacular wedding photos. The bird’s eye perspective and overhead imagery can help to give your photography a creative edge and help to catch weddings in all their glory.

Drones can be used in a variety of ways, capturing key moments of the day – such a videoing a special moment between bridge and groom or photographing a big group of guests from above.

Smoke bombs

With their pretty plumes of colours from the rainbow, a smoke bomb adds a dreamlike quality to wedding portraits.

There are a variety of ways you can incorporate smoke bombs into wedding photos, whether it be a colourful cloud billowing behind the couple, or the couple holding or moving around with hand-held smoke bombs – be very careful of course and use the ones intended for holding!

Pre-wedding or day-after photo sessions

Wedding days are often hectic and eventful, which can be an overwhelming experience for couples. To help couples relax, keep calm and have fun on their wedding day, more and more couples are requesting pre-wedding and day-after shoots. Both of the wedding shoots are great ideas, especially if couples want to have a photoshoot in a location that’s different from their wedding venue.

Mirrorless camera

Sometimes, photographers can struggle to capture those candid moments and raw emotions, because of how obtrusive the camera can be and how reserved and shy guests become when they see it – this problem can ruin wedding day photos!

A way to deal with this is to invest in a mirrorless camera. The small and compact camera provides high-quality images, and the camera will help photographers to blend in with guests, so they don’t even notice! As a result, photos will have natural, unfiltered emotions.

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