Why Office Murals Are on The Rise

Why Office Murals Are on The Rise

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Gone are the days where offices have to be painted dark and gloomy colours and have a very ‘serious’ feel. Working spaces today must be inspiring, motivational and welcoming. Custom wall murals for an office, designed by an expert team of commercial painting Ipswich professionals, provides a great opportunity to redefine the working environment of the employee base.


Reinforces your brand

Adding a few custom wall murals with your brand name, mission statement and value proposition in the colours of your logo is a classic way to advertise the business. Custom wall murals can be added in the reception, office and just about any public area, letting visitors learn about who you are as a company.

Inspires your employees

A chill room or employee lunch room with soothing wall murals and visually pleasant graphics can be a real treat for the eyes, especially for those employees who spend long hours staring at computer monitors. A peaceful and relaxing room lets employees rebuild their energy levels for the rest of the working day.

Empowers decision-making

A conference room is the place for making crucial business decisions, so it’s important to decorate the room in reflect of the company and its ethos. Custom mural designs can show the achievements of the organisation and can be implemented throughout the office to continue a consistent theme.

Take pride in showcasing the company’s history

How good would it feel to have a hallway or lobby that shows the history of your organisation since the day it launched? Teach your employees, business partners and potential customers about the history of the company and the beliefs through stunning wall graphics.

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