Wow Your Staff With These Work Christmas Party Ideas

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Fun Ways To Create A Memorable Works Christmas Party

Tired of the usual works Christmas party? Then why not combine your seasonal event with some fun team building activities that everyone will be sure to enjoy.

Mention the phrase ‘team building’ and you’ll probably be greeted with cringes and eye-rolling. The truth is that some employees dread team building activities. However, the importance of team building shouldn’t be underestimated. It can improve communication and workplace relationships and boost morale. This can ultimately help increase productivity levels.

So what’s the key to running a successful team building event with positive outcomes? By choosing the right activities and combining them with a social event, you can create a fun time for all with added benefits for your company. Read on for some great ideas.

Combine Team Building With Your Christmas Party

Let’s face it, many companies are stuck in a rut when it comes to the annual works Christmas party. Most works parties are unimaginative and unoriginal. What better way to give your Christmas party a boost than by combining it with innovative team building activities. You can reap the rewards of team building while ensuring everyone has an enjoyable time and gets into the Christmas spirit.

Hire A Professional

If you want to wow your staff without the headache of coming up with ideas, then hire a professional events organiser. They have the expertise and knowledge to know what works and what doesn’t and will help you choose the best activities to suit your objectives. You’ll have a range of fun activities to choose from, then your organiser will take it from there.

Remember, a successful works event is an investment in your company’s well-being, not an expense.

The following are just a small example of activities you can choose and are ideal for a works Christmas party:

Cocktail Masterclass

cocktailsScrap the pre-dinner drinks reception and start the evening in style with an interactive cocktail masterclass. Under the tutorage of experts, teams will compete to create and mix bespoke cocktails like a professional, before sampling their delights. This ideal pre-dinner activity is the perfect ice-breaker and sets the spirit for the rest of the evening. It helps with staff bonding, presentation skills, confidence and creativity, not to mention learning how to mix a pretty decent cocktail!

You could even give guests a cocktail glass embossed with the company logo as a memento to take home.

Factor X

Factor X

This is great fun and just like the TV version. There’s even an alternative ‘Dermott’ to host the proceedings and genuine X Factor choreographers to help contestants perfect their routines.

You could get everyone to enter the competition, or even better, why not keep it a secret until the last moment then surprise your staff with heads of departments competing against managers. Your employees would love it and it’s a great way of showing that even the bosses have a sense of fun. It’s a brilliant idea for strengthening staff/manager relationships and boosting overall company morale.

Pub Games

This fun, informal activity is ideal for cementing relationships, collaborating and working as a team. All activities and equipment are organised by an expert events co-ordinator, so you can relax and play. It’s perfect for companies on a tighter budget.

These extra touches show your employees you care and they’ll appreciate the effort. That in itself is a positive outcome!

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